Emerald Hummingbird

Technology, Real Estate and Hospitality, and Culture. We operate across these sectors to create lasting value and make a positive impact on society.


We focus on Technology opportunities at the forefront of innovation to create value for businesses and consumers. We support innovation that creates novel ways to enhance people's lives.

Real Estate and Hospitality

Within Real Estate and Hospitality, we focus on well-located retail properties and boutique hospitality experiences that can generate consistent income and offer significant upside potential through strategic management and value-add initiatives.


Finally, we support businesses, projects, and initiatives that celebrate, preserve, and promote cultural heritage, traditions, and expressions. We believe that cultural diversity is a fundamental component of any thriving society, and we seek out these opportunities.

Emerald Hummingbird is a US-based company that operates globally. Our preferred method of communication is through an introduction from a mutual connection.